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Ready for Anything

Event planning teams learn to adapt in a positive way

Ready for Anything

A storm rolls in, a heat wave hits, something breaks, the timing isn't right, or someone just changes their mind. In hospitality ministry, we have to be adaptable, change can hit at anytime and normally without warning. Webster's defines adaptable as "able to change or be changed in order to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose."It would be easy to panic in many situations where something is not going according to plan; this is not something to let your guests see. Just remember when this happens to take a breath, and in some cases inform your guests that you need to discuss it with your team and you will get back to them with a solution. Meet with your team to discuss options and ideas. No idea is not worth mentioning! Even though it may not be one that works, it might spark an idea with someone else that will work. When you go back to your guests, be happy. Present the solution(s) in a positive way. If you are positive and reassuring to your guests, it can really help them process the change.So remember when a change comes about, to be adaptable and ready to roll with the punches. It may just be the next best idea your team has had!

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Written by Elisia Havens, on June 19, posted in Meeting Planner Notes, The Team, Event Planning

Behind the Scenes

Lake Williamson: Taming the Jungle

Behind the Scenes

Hi! I'm Kenny Lewis, the Property Manager for Lake Williamson Christian Center. My job is to oversee all maintenance, construction, housekeeping, landscaping, and well...property issues! We like to joke that my title is 'Do a little of everything' Manager! A lot of what my team and I do is behind the scenes to the guests at Lake Williamson, and the jobs we do aren't always obvious to most visitors. However, some of the feats we accomplish each week are worth talking about and many of our guests are always asking questions to know a little more about the inner workings of Lake Williamson.

Today's behind the scenes look is about... grass! Yes, the grass at Lake Williamson is what we are discussing today. Did you know Lake Williamson campus spans over 430 acres? Well we are ...     Continue Reading | Leave Comment

Written by Kenny Lewis, on May 08, posted in Meeting Planner Notes

Please Ask Me A Question

Questions can prevent those 'bumps' all planners fear!

Please Ask Me A Question

Maybe I should buy a button to wear that says, "Please ask me a question." Sometimes in the realm of conference services it feels like you get asked and answer the same questions over and over...

BUT then I stop to reflect on the fact that for many of our group planners this may be their first retreat, maybe it is their first time coming to the property, or perhaps the group has b...     Continue Reading | Leave Comment

Written by Ranee Carter, on April 30, posted in Meeting Planner Notes, Event Planning

The Power of The Cross

Taking time to reflect after Easter has gone

The Power of The Cross

During this time of year it's important to reflect on the goodness of God and His love, and it's very easy to do this during the Easter holiday.  However after the day has gone, after the children have endulged in chocolate bunnies, and everyone is back to 'normal life', do we just forget then about this very special season?

Many times in life we just need to stop and realize this fact. We need less of ourselves and more of the "Cross"! Today and for the whole season may we be reminded of 3 simple facts about...     Continue Reading | Leave Comment

Written by Paul Weber, on April 24, posted in Meeting Planner Notes, Inspirational

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